Optimal Body Balance – Where Weight Loss is a Science

How you feel provides valuable information, but testing takes the guesswork out of finding your answers.

The OBB Program uses scientific testing to discover your weight loss solution.

We explain what is happening with your body, what it needs, and how to get there so you can make weight loss a reality.

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience:

  • Feel and see noticeable weight and inches lost quickly
  • Better sleep
  • Looser fitting clothes
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Reduction and elimination of cravings
  • No deprivation

In addition, you will:

  • Learn to prepare and eat real, tasty and healthy foods
  • Experience a healthier way to eat and live
  • Learn how to make this lifestyle sustainable and make these changes long-term changes.
  • Work with caring people who understand the challenges and pitfalls of weight loss
  • Receive non-judgmental support every step of the way
  • Uncover your underlying metabolic imbalances – these are the hidden reasons preventing you from losing weight

What are Underlying Metabolic Imbalances?

An Underlying Metabolic Imbalance is any factor that can damage or decrease your metabolism. This can happen due to a variety of dietary, lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors. Having even one Underlying Metabolic Imbalance can make it nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off; having more than one almost guarantees frustration in regards to weight loss, no matter what you try or do.

We have identified eight key Underlying Metabolic Imbalances:

How do we pinpoint your exact imbalances?

The Optimal Body Balance program begins by using scientific testing to determine your specific underlying metabolic imbalances. These tests can include Total Metabolism Testing, Comprehensive Metabolic Profiling, Food Sensitivity Testing, Environmental Intolerance Testing and others.

We then help you develop a plan to overcome your particular underlying metabolic imbalances by using the following strategies:

  • Balanced, whole foods nutrition.
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes learned via one-on-one counseling, group education sessions, downloads and hands on cooking classes.
  • Accountability and support using compassion, enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Functional exercise designed to address your unique abilities and needs.
  • Maintenance programs to ensure long-term weight loss.

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