If your ready to finally get off the dieting roller-coaster and uncover the hidden reasons preventing you from losing weight, we’ve got a program suited just for you. While our programs will provide you the information and resources you need to lose weight, they differ in how the information is presented and the amount of accountability and support you receive from your peers and Optimal Body Balance staff.

Group Program

If sharing with others is more motivating to you, the Group Program may be more your style. Each week, you meet as a group to learn about each Underlying Metabolic Imbalance as well as ways you can successfully address them. The Group Program allows you time to share you experiences with others, be accountable to each other and support one another, while still getting hands-on attention as you progress through the program as a team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The Group Program is best suited for those that can commit to attending one class every week, who enjoy group dynamics and sharing with others and that are looking for a less expensive option than the Personalized One-on-One Program.

Online Program

If information is what drives you and you have the accountability and support you need to succeed, the Online Program will provide you everything necessary to determine and address your Underlying Metabolic Imbalances in the comfort of your own home. The Online Program works best for those that are self-motivated, enjoy the autonomy of working things out on their own and that love to learn and process information without the need for hands-on assistance, guidance or accountability.


All of our programs are supervised by Chad Oler, ND and supported by our Nutritionist, Sarah Droege.

Now matter which program you choose, your Optimal Body Balance program will help you determine the hidden reasons that have prevented you from losing weight or keeping it off in the past while constructing a customized plan to help you lose weight and feel great – once and for all!

If you have questions about which program is right for you or would like additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us! We want you to reach your goals and will work with you every step of the way until you do!