Madison Farmers Market Guide

27 Apr

It’s farmer’s market season! Are you planning on taking advantage of all the wonderful local, delicious produce and goods that our local farmers and businesses have to offer? Here’s an easy guide to figure out where you can shop any day of the week to get the best tasting deals. 

Spring Cleaning for your Kitchen and Body

6 Apr

Spring cleaning is upon us. Soon it will be time to air out the house and wash the windows but it’s also a great time to start fresh and make some healthy changes for yourself. Check out some of these ideas on how to do some internal spring cleaning.

Caramel Cashew Smoothie

11 Mar

This smoothie is a delicious breakfast treat! I like to soak the cashews and dates overnight so that the blend up nicely. Just add the cashews and dates to the blender with the liquid you are going to use and store in the fridge; make sure to pit and chop up the dates. In the […]

Ginger Banana Smoothie

2 Feb

Hi friends, I drink smoothies for breakfast most mornings and I often find myself getting into smoothie ruts; making the same strawberry banana smoothie day after day. This smoothie is a nice change without having to buy a bunch of different ingredients. It’s just a few tweaks to my usual smoothie, but has a completely […]

The Best New Years Resolution for Weight Loss

31 Dec

Instead of making new years resolutions that dictate how often you will use your gym membership or what foods you aren’t going to eat in the new year, in 2015, resolve to be more mindful. 

Ring in the New Year with a Salad

29 Dec

New years eve can be filled with tempting treats; rich hors d’oeuvres, bubbly champagne, sweet punches and decadent desserts. It can be easy to overindulge and wake up new years day feeling yucky and disappointed in yourself. We’d like to share a few tips to help you enjoy yourself while still feeling great. 

Optimal Plan to the Rescue

24 Nov

Yes, it is officially holiday season. Thanksgiving is this week. We know that health and wellness goals tend to go out the window around this time. Many people feel too busy to focus on weight loss and find it easier to put it off until the New Year. The Optimal Plan can change that for […]

Great Holiday Tips!

10 Nov

It’s starting. The holidays. Love it or hate it… it’s here. Let’s get a game plan together NOW! Who wants to go into the New Year with 7 to 14 more pounds on their bodies? Not me that’s for sure! Here are some great tips to survive the holidays.

More Bad News For Artificial Sweeteners

20 Oct

Artificial sweeteners are toxic; they disrupt neurotransmitter levels and hormone balance and they can lead to weight gain. New research shows they may also disrupt the good bacteria levels in the gut. 

The Many Benefits of Exercise — Part 4 of 4

22 Sep

This final post about the benefits of exercise comes to you from our friends at Natural Solutions for a Healthy You. Part 3 of this series on the many benefits of exercise focused on how exercise can help improve hormone balance. Exercise is also very important to help another hormone – namely insulin – do its […]